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Early warning detection... "Before it becomes a Situation"

Early warning and tracking of potential threats is increasingly necessary to electrical substations, oil refineries, and petrochemical plants. These are just a few of the applications benefiting from compact surveillance and intrusion detection with Reveal radar sensors.

A complete Reveal system includes one or more of the Reveal sensor heads.  These radar units are field-deployed on a variety of structures.  Each unit “sees” what is going on in their field of view, transferring the data from the unit into the Reveal Processing Unit (RPU).

The RPU provides the graphical visual indication, user interface, and a high-level computer integration for video, access control, and security management systems.

About REVEAL™ Radar Sensors

  • Radar designed specifically for the security industry
  • Military performance at a commercial price
  • Compact – easy to install
  • No moving parts ensures reliability
  • Situational Awareness –Detects threats before they become life-threatening or critical
  • Optimizes Cameras – Can control and auto-cue cameras, allows the user to manage cameras more effectively
  • Works in any light and any weather – Not effected by rain, snow, fog or other weather issues, REVEAL can see in areas where cameras (visible or thermals) can not.

CLICK HERE for the REVEAL™ Presentation Video

Detection – Detect Intruders before they access your site

Assessment –Get better awareness of the intrusion or activity

Tracking – See where the intruders are and where they have they been

Radar sensors interface over IP to a REVEAL Processing Unit (RPU)

REVEAL™ - The user interface

The Reveal, web-based user interface, allows you to use maps or graphics, define multiple points of interest, view target and tracking information and view the linked camera image in real-time.


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