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Hanwha Techwin America Rolls Out

Multi-Directional Cameras

PNM-9080VQ, PNM-9081VQ

Wisenet P series PNM-9080VQ with four individual 2 megapixel sensors for a total of 8 megapixel resolution capable of 150dB WDR and 60fps (per sensor).

Also, the PNM-9081VQ with four individual 5 megapixel sensors that deliver 20 megapixel resolution capable of 120dB WDR and 30 fps (per sensor).

Additional features include:

· 4 SD/SDHC/SDXC card slots (one for each channel), offering total storage of up to 1TB

· PoE+ (8 megapixel) or HPoE (20 megapixel) and 12VDC

· Triple codec H.265/H.264/MJPEG

· Hallway View

· Motorized varifocal lens (2.8~12mm per sensor @ 8 megapixel; 3.6~9.4mm per sensor @20 megapixel) for widest range available in the industry in a multi-sensor camera

· IP66/K10 rated housing


Wisenet P series PNM-9020V multi-sensor cameras have four sensors, providing an 180˚ panoramic wide view with up to 7.3 megapixel high resolution within a single camera instead of installing 4 cameras. They offer a seamless single image by merging 4 images from each sensor.


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