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NEW from Silent Sentinel

The Aeron TI/R provides thermal alarming when temperature thresholds are exceeded, providing audible and visual alarms to protect valuable assets where the threat of fire, combustion or precise temperature measuring is required.

The Aeron TI/R is supplied with both video and thermal modules as standard to ensure detection and visual verification of any event.


· Detect hot spots through dust and smoke

· Advanced radiometric thermal alarming

· Temperature measured by colour scale

· Ability to set alarms based upon temperature readings

· IP and analogue set-up

· Simultaneous video and thermal outputs

· Optical encoders providing positional feedback

· IP67 environmental protection (IP68 option)

· 316L stainless steel option

· Temperature analysing to 400m

· 384x288 and 640x480 thermal cores available

· Multiple lens options

· HD video option

· Optically correct window with wiper


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