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Xtreme Power designs, engineers, and services UPS ranging from 400VA to 40kVA available in standby, line interactive, online, and isolated online topologies.


Ranging from basic, to smart, to configurable power distribution, our power distribution solutions meet the needs of virtually any environment or application.


The XBDM enables a full wrap-around bypass of UPS, which means the UPS can be repaired or replaced without loss of power to the protected load.


As our days get shorter and nights get longer, providing adequate illumination for cameras becomes more of a challenge.

This coupled with the latest camera trends for high megapixel, 4K, multi-sensor and low-light cameras, and higher adoption of video analytics, fundamentally changes how we illuminate night time scenes.

New VARIO2 series of illuminators represent the latest in LED lighting technology which have evolved to support these advancements in camera technology. VARIO2 is key to unlocking outstanding performance from surveillance systems under any condition.

Capture outstanding video surveillance images at distances up to 500m (1640ft) from a single VARIO2 illuminator.

Achieve perfect illumination for any camera installation with VARIO2's Interchangeable Lens System.

A single illuminator can deliver 5 different illumination angles, all with integrated Hot-Spot Reduction Technology (HRT).







Join Raytec's CPD accredited webinar as they explain how to specify LED lighting to improve the performance of any video surveillance system at night, and deliver more intelligent night-time surveillance systems.


Raytec are the World leader in LED lighting for security and safety. We provide a range of LED illuminators to create a safer global environment whether used in combination with surveillance cameras or as general area lighting. Our drive is to improve the safety of any area at night and to improve the performance on any CCTV system under darkness. Our philosophy is innovation+illumination and we will always look to lead lighting trends in the market. Raytec and all our people are 100% focused on lighting.

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Thermal Image

NEW from Silent Sentinel

The Aeron TI/R provides thermal alarming when temperature thresholds are exceeded, providing audible and visual alarms to protect valuable assets where the threat of fire, combustion or precise temperature measuring is required.

The Aeron TI/R is supplied with both video and thermal modules as standard to ensure detection and visual verification of any event.


· Detect hot spots through dust and smoke

· Advanced radiometric thermal alarming

· Temperature measured by colour scale

· Ability to set alarms based upon temperature readings

· IP and analogue set-up

· Simultaneous video and thermal outputs

· Optical encoders providing positional feedback

· IP67 environmental protection (IP68 option)

· 316L stainless steel option

· Temperature analysing to 400m

· 384x288 and 640x480 thermal cores available

· Multiple lens options

· HD video option

· Optically correct window with wiper

Performance, Innovation, Reliability

Hanwha Techwin America Rolls Out

Multi-Directional Cameras

PNM-9080VQ, PNM-9081VQ

Wisenet P series PNM-9080VQ with four individual 2 megapixel sensors for a total of 8 megapixel resolution capable of 150dB WDR and 60fps (per sensor).

Also, the PNM-9081VQ with four individual 5 megapixel sensors that deliver 20 megapixel resolution capable of 120dB WDR and 30 fps (per sensor).

Additional features include:

· 4 SD/SDHC/SDXC card slots (one for each channel), offering total storage of up to 1TB

· PoE+ (8 megapixel) or HPoE (20 megapixel) and 12VDC

· Triple codec H.265/H.264/MJPEG

· Hallway View

· Motorized varifocal lens (2.8~12mm per sensor @ 8 megapixel; 3.6~9.4mm per sensor @20 megapixel) for widest range available in the industry in a multi-sensor camera

· IP66/K10 rated housing


Wisenet P series PNM-9020V multi-sensor cameras have four sensors, providing an 180˚ panoramic wide view with up to 7.3 megapixel high resolution within a single camera instead of installing 4 cameras. They offer a seamless single image by merging 4 images from each sensor.


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Early warning detection... "Before it becomes a Situation"

Early warning and tracking of potential threats is increasingly necessary to electrical substations, oil refineries, and petrochemical plants. These are just a few of the applications benefiting from compact surveillance and intrusion detection with Reveal radar sensors.

A complete Reveal system includes one or more of the Reveal sensor heads.  These radar units are field-deployed on a variety of structures.  Each unit “sees” what is going on in their field of view, transferring the data from the unit into the Reveal Processing Unit (RPU).

The RPU provides the graphical visual indication, user interface, and a high-level computer integration for video, access control, and security management systems.

About REVEAL™ Radar Sensors

  • Radar designed specifically for the security industry
  • Military performance at a commercial price
  • Compact – easy to install
  • No moving parts ensures reliability
  • Situational Awareness –Detects threats before they become life-threatening or critical
  • Optimizes Cameras – Can control and auto-cue cameras, allows the user to manage cameras more effectively
  • Works in any light and any weather – Not effected by rain, snow, fog or other weather issues, REVEAL can see in areas where cameras (visible or thermals) can not.

CLICK HERE for the REVEAL™ Presentation Video

Detection – Detect Intruders before they access your site

Assessment –Get better awareness of the intrusion or activity

Tracking – See where the intruders are and where they have they been

Radar sensors interface over IP to a REVEAL Processing Unit (RPU)

REVEAL™ - The user interface

The Reveal, web-based user interface, allows you to use maps or graphics, define multiple points of interest, view target and tracking information and view the linked camera image in real-time.

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Leading supplier of PTZ positioning systems and thermal imaging cameras

Wherever security matters, Silent Sentinel provides clarity and vision

Silent Sentinel was established in 2002 to design, manufacture and supply advanced market-leading surveillance and positioning systems for the security sector. We are committed to developing products that are technologically advanced at a competitive price.

Key applications include: • Border and perimeter control • Town centre open space • Prisons and correctional facilities • Retail and industrial parks • Utilities (specialists for solar farm, wind turbine) • Airports and transport hubs • Hospitals and schools • Oil and gas terminals • Long range highway monitoring. • Sports and publics arenas • On vehicle rapid deployment


The Oculus is a professional vandal-resistant, high speed continuous rotation PTZ. The housing has been cast in aluminium which is then anodised and powder coated to allow the unit to be installed in harsh and challenging environments.

The toughened glass viewing window is optically correct and distortion free to provide brighter, clearer images even at full telephoto zoom range. The range is available in both video and thermal imaging options, with or without IR and White light illumination, and all models have a wiper as standard to keep the glass free from build-up of dust or debris.

OCULUS is an all-round performer and with its multitude of camera options it will perform in all weather conditions.


The Aeron PTZ camera is designed to meet the increasing demand for long range thermal and video surveillance in a discreet but, robust housing. Building upon the successful Oculus base frame the Aeron is a compact, rugged continuous rotation PTZ camera.

The Aeron incorporates all of the mechanical advantages renowned in the Oculus with the ability to incorporate thermal cameras with larger lenses of 100mm and 100mm optical zoom. This increases man detection up to an impressive 3000m with the option to optically zoom for closer inspection.

Video verification is provided by either HD or SD video zoom camera with simultaneous output to the thermal.

Aeron can be supplied with radiometric thermal cores for fire detection.


The Osiris PT platform is specifically engineered to handle larger and heavier camera units. It is the big brother to the Oculus and incorporates all of the benefits while also giving the user the option to use a multi sensor approach in hi-security applications when accurate positioning and long range detection is required.

It is available with three off-the-shelf camera housings to allow lenses of up to 700mm to be incorporated within a robust IP67 enclosure.

OSIRIS includes models with illumination using LED and laser technologies to ensure images can be seen in all weather conditions, including mist, fog and desert storms.


The Jaegar PT platform has a built in through shaft that allows radars or other payload to be mounted on top and remain stationary as the PT surveys the scene.

A wide range of thermal and video cameras are available, all supplied in cable managed housings for protection in the harshest environments. With harmonic drive gears as standard the Jaegar is virtually zero backlash ensuring the capture of stable images even at very long distances over land or water.

When twinned with radar and absolute positioning control the Jaegar can be driven automatically to any threat detected and remain on target as the threat moves.

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About Raytec

Raytec are the World leader in LED lighting for security and safety providing a range of LED illuminators to create a safer global environment whether used in combination with surveillance cameras or as general area lighting. Raytec's drive is to improve the safety of any area at night and to improve the performance on any CCTV system under darkness.

About Wavestore

Wavestore is a global leader in innovative digital video recording and data management solutions.

From standalone systems to large distributed server networks with tens of thousands of cameras, sensors and analytics options, Wavestore provides intelligent, integrated solutions for any application.


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