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June 2016 – 2N Canada Online Training courses

2N will be conducting various online training sessions open to all. Please visit and select the Training link listed under the Support tab to view all published classes.

Tuesday June 14th:

 2N® Product Overview – 1 pm EDT.

Wednesday June 15th:

 2N® IP Audio – 10 am EDT.

 Basic Helios IP Intercoms – 3 pm EDT.

Friday June 17th:

 Basic Access Control – 10 am EDT,

 Advanced Helios IP Intercoms – 3 pm EDT,

Basic level classes provide a high-level overview of the products with demonstrations of appropriate applications. The Advanced classes deal more with specifics of the products and configuration instruction.

Classes are free, available to all, and typically run 45 – 90 minutes. Visit our Training web page to view dates, times (in UTC & EDT), course descriptions, and to register.




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